Fat Joe’s Journey

October 25th, 2010 | Posted in nutjob hills | Comments Off on Fat Joe’s Journey

His name is Joe but everybody that knows him just calls him “fat Joe” and have done so for over twenty years. Before you get all “that’s not nice” on me, Joe is the one that started it (but that’s another story entirely).

Not long ago his doctor finally convinced him that 450 pounds was too much and that he needed to lose weight. He started out, at his doctor’s instruction, by doing a colon cleanse treatment. That procedure alone caused him to shed thirty pounds literally overnight. (Since then everybody’s been saying how he used to be so full of it.)

Since then he’s been spending a lot of time on sites like www.weightlossprogram.net, trying to decide on the best weight loss program for his situation. He has decided that he wants to lose at least a hundred pounds over the next year and is determined to find the fastest way to do it.

I, and others, have told him that what he really needs to do is find out how many calories per day that his body needs to maintain his weight and then adjust his diet so that he is eating about five hundred calories per day less than that number. That trick by itself should have him losing about a pound or two every week. Given his current weight, he could probably get away with cutting it by 1,000 calories a day and drop two to four pounds per week, easily making his goal possible.

Then all he’s got to do is keep the weight off.

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