Where To Start?

October 21st, 2008 | Posted in Advertising, affiliate marketing, Making money, Marketing | Comments Off on Where To Start?

Everybody knows that not making sales is frustrating and disappointing

However if you think about it, you’re better off finding out by selling a product at the affiliate level rather than investing a boatload of your own money, time and effort developing a product only to find out that it’s a flop like the guy who tried to sell car insurance in an Amish community.

Obviously the best online money making method is by developing your own product and selling it. But without actual experience with Internet Marketing, you really are better off start out from the affiliate level, selling products that somebody else has done the hard (and sometimes expensive!) work of creating and test marketing.

The basic key that I’ve found to be universal is to spend a lot of time reading from a lot of sources. Part of what you have to do is learn to spot circular BS that isn’t actually help or advise at all. Learn to spot marketing copy that’s written by somebody that’s more interested in lining his wallet than helping somebody get a piece of what he considers HIS pie.

One thing you can do is look for and go to marketing sales pages. Not to buy the product, but to read the ad copy. Study the writing techniques. See if they’re presenting something real or just filling the page with enough words to sound convincing. Try reading between the lines. read the copy and look for what they are NOT saying.

I don’t pretend to be any kind of an expert or “marketing guru”. I’m just another guy trying to make a buck and I’m willing to share what I learn as I go. Besides, I figure that if I provide real advice and tips then anytime I present some kind of offer, you’ll say to yourselves, “He’s been straight with what the tips he gives, something he’s selling is worth a second look.”

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