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If you’re looking for a legitimate means to getlarge numbers of those all important one-way (inbound only) links to your site from all over the Internet, one good way is to write and market articles. If it’s done right, this can be one of the the easiest ways to build large numbers of inbound links quickly

The trick is to find the right distribution system for your articles. What you DON’T want is to submit a collection of articles that will distribute them in such a way that thousands of sites end up hosting duplicate copies of every article you hand them.

Yeah, you get a lot of links out of it, but because the articles are essentially the same thing on all those sites, a large number of those links end up getting discounted by Google and other search engines as being duplicate.

You need to use a submission system that gives you the SEO results. You want the articles to end up on natural sites its network. If those pages have good page rank scores, so much the better.

Syndicate Kahuna can help

What you do is write a series of quality articles and then submit them to Syndicate Kahuna. They distribute the articles to blogs that are topically relevant to your articles.

They don’t just “spin” the articles into hundreds of mediocre pseudo texts that probably wont even read properly. By distributing the articles to sites that are relevant to the article content it ends up being more relevant and since relevance is what search engines love, that gives the links from those articles more value.

Of course, you want to choose the right distribution system with a lot of users so that you have a better chance of getting a wider distribution for your articles. This is why Syndicate Kahuna is so great. The articles are offered free to bloggers that need content.

Yes, they charge for submitting articles, and they don’t take just anything. In fact, the last time I looked they had actually closed the option to submit articles because they’ve got so many people providing so much content. However, it’s well worth checking the Syndicate Kahuna site once in a while to see if it’s open so that when it does, you can grab a spot quickly.

If you’re looking for a way to get your articles distributed quickly to a wide variety of sites and gain thousands of inbound links which will increase your site’s visibility in the search engine indexes, then check out Syndicate Kahuna Now.

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