Sale Season In Nutjob Hills

November 21st, 2010 | Posted in Current Events, Hot Topics, nutjob hills | Comments Off on Sale Season In Nutjob Hills

Once again sale season approaches, that time of year when retailers expect to make some of their biggest profits while holding some of their biggest sales of the year, particularly on Black Friday, which is generally the single biggest sale day of the year, followed only by “Cyber Monday”. In that respect, Nutjob Hills is no different than any other city. What makes it different is some of the things that you find on sale.

For example there’s a plumbing supply house here in town that is getting ready for Black Friday by laying in a supply of over 10,000 padded toilet seat warmers. The owner is expecting (and being very vocal about predicting) a very colder than usual winter (he always does).

There’s another shop right across the street where the owner is predicting a much milder than usual winter. Of course the fact that they sell bikini’s might just have something to do with it.

The pattern is repeating itself in various degrees of extreme from “huh?” to “WTF?!?” all over town. Tourists and visitors to town are of course, going to bear the brunt of this. In a way, it should be quite entertaining.

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