Traffic Exchanges, A Wrong Way To Build Traffic

October 26th, 2008 | Posted in building traffic | Comments Off on Traffic Exchanges, A Wrong Way To Build Traffic

I think most webmasters go through the phase where they discover so-called “traffic exchange” programs and seize on it as a means to build traffic to their site. Next thing you know they’re spending hours at a time, sitting in front of their browsers, manually clicking a link to view the next in a series of pages belonging to others who’re in the system doing the same thing. Thing is, people doing this would be better off spending a few bucks on some promotional pens or business cards with their url on them and hand ’em out.

I know about this because I spent some time doing it. I came to the conclusion that I was wasting my time. If I had used the time I wasted clicking to actually research and write new content for my site, learn and apply SEO techniques and get my site promoted, the traffic would have gone up even higher than the traffic exchange did for it.

Yeah, traffic exchanges can make the hit counter spin, but that isn’t what most sites are there for. If it’s a business site, then you want people coming to the site because they’re interested in and ready to buy what you’re selling. People watching sites in a traffic exchange are doing one thing, waiting until the timer counts down so that they can click the next site. They don’t care about the sites they’re looking at, heck, when I was doing it I didn’t even look at ’em. I sat there, in front of the computer reading a book while I clicked on that link three or four times a minute.

Instead of wasting time with a traffic exchange, take some time to learn some things about keywords, how to research ’em and find out what keywords real people are using in search engines. That knowledge can tell you what they’re searching for, which gives you a heads up in coming up with a product if you don’t have one or are looking for a new one.

Another thing to do is learn how to find what keywords and phrases are not only related to your site but are also what people are searching. You have to understand that this is ongoing research because what everybody is searching for today is likely forgotten in a week. Then folks will be looking for something else. You need to do a bit of work to stay on top of the changes. It’s not a monster load of work, but the need for it is constant.

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