A Future Hit

November 25th, 2010 | Posted in Entertainment, Movies, Opinion, video, Youtube | Comments Off on A Future Hit

The youtube video “New Halloween Movie Trailer” which is embedded below, is about a movie that doesn’t exist . . . YET. The trailer, created by youtube personality HamEntertainment is about a serial killer out for revenge for having spent ten years in prison. This video was featured in a recent episode of Watching Bad Videos (so you don’t have to) and has had a LOT of positive comments on it so far.

Waltz is not just a mindless looking automaton like Michael Myers or Jason. he may be a homicidal maniac but he moves with a purpose, leaving a trail of bodies as he goes.

Given that HamEntertainment was working with a camcorder and a few friends and family to make this, it turned out pretty good and it has the potential to become a really good movie.

HamEntertainment has said that if enough people like this preview that he will go ahead with making the full movie and I for one sincerely hope that he does go ahead with it. There’s easily enough time to develop the script, get production underway and have a completed movie in time for next October

Check out the trailer below and if you agree that this movie needs to be made then click here to subscribe to HamEntertainment’s channel on youtube and encourage him to go for it.

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