What Gets You Down?

November 30th, 2010 | Posted in Hot Topics, Misc, Reviews, video, Youtube | Comments Off on What Gets You Down?

Depression is more than just something that people like to throw out as an excuse for why they didn’t do this or that or why they can’t handle one thing or another. It’s a very real thing where, to the person experiencing it, their whole entire world is collapsing. It has many root causes and episodes of it can be triggered by any number of things from worrying about finding eczema treatments that work to the death of a loved one to almost anything in between.

For the most part, those who haven’t had to deal with it really do have absolutely no clue in the world just how bad it is and because of that, it’s often (though not always of course) true that their most well intentioned efforts to reach a person suffering from depression can in fact, only make things worse.

There are however, plenty of people who DO understand. People that do get how devastating things can become, even things that normally wouldn’t be that bad. Those people, a lot of which have fought depression themselves, are able to reach victims of depression with a message that shows both understanding and hope.

That’s the case with this video, featured on a recent episode of Watching Bad Videos (so you don’t have to), it was created by youtube personality olinselot who managed to put together a very moving message of understanding and hope.

This time of year is infamous for the amount of depression that people deal with and the sometimes disastrous results. Anyone that is having such problems would do well to watch this video all the way through and you’ll see what I mean. Clearly olinselot understands the problem big time.

Finally, if you like this video I suggest that you click here to subscribe to his youtube channel. He’s a very creative person who’s often insightful and downright funny.

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