Migraine Update

December 1st, 2010 | Posted in Current Events, Hot Topics | Comments Off on Migraine Update

After having undergone eight or ten (I forget exactly how many, the exact number blurs in all that pain) massive migraine episodes that I’ve had to deal with since around the middle of last summer I think that I’ve finally come up with something that is actually helping to prevent them.

After doing a lot of time on search engines reading about migraines (obviously not while I was in the middle of one!) I discovered that apparently a lot of people get some major relief just by taking cheap supplements that are commonly available. I started taking vitamin B12, a Calcium & vitamin D combination, vitamin C and a vitamin B Complex along with a regular daily multi vitamin.

Here it is nearly a month and a half since I’ve started that and I can say that the migraines very quickly eased off both in terms of intensity and frequency. In fact, it’s been well over three weeks since I’ve had even a mildly serious headache.

Beats the hell out of taking tons of painkillers and sitting in the dark, crying and wishing it would just stop!

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