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Something all sites need

Regardless of the reason for your blog or website’s existance, whether you’re voicing your opinions, addressing some aspect of a particular niche or selling some product or service, there is one thing that’s essential to that site. Clear writing.

What’s “clear writing”?

Clear writing is exactly that. Writing that communicates quickly and easily. It gets your message across without confusing the reader. You have to remember that most people reading blogs or websites have a very short attention span. It’s hard enough to get their attention without having to lose it the first time you start to confuse them.

Here’s some ways to make sure that your writing is clear and easy to understand.

Know what you’re trying to say. This may seem really obvious but it still needs to be said. If you don’t know exactly what message you’re trying to get across, you’ll never be able to write it clearly. If necessary, you can use an outline to insure that your writing flows in a logical manner.

Proofread everything. This is another thing that shouldn’t have to be mentioned but all too many people don’t proofread their stuff before it goes live. They end up publishing stuff with little mistakes in it and worse, things that don’t clearly make their point.

After you proofread and correct typo’s and logic flow errors, read it again and ask yourself if you actually wrote what you wanted to say.

Be concise. Always say something in the most compact way you can. Don’t use twenty words to say somethng that can be said clealy in three. The only reason to use more words is if those words are essential to the reader’s understanding.

Keep it simple. That doesn’t mean “dumb down” your subject. It means use the simplest words that you can and still get your message across. Avoid complicating terms and phrasing as much as possible.

Once you’ve done all this, written your post and finally put it up. Read it again. Ask for input and questions from your readers. This can help you improve the points that weren’t as clear as they could have been.

Keep Writing

The biggest thing to do is practice. The more writing you do where you implement these steps, the more you will learn to write clearly and simply. With practice, you can change your rambling hard to follow writing into razor sharp posts that people understand and remember.

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