The Case of The Fading OEM Code

December 4th, 2010 | Posted in Computers, Misc, Opinion | Comments Off on The Case of The Fading OEM Code

I had occasion recently to move my laptop and while I was doing so I noticed something. You know that sticker on the bottom that, among other things has the OEM code from Microsoft that you need to use in the event you should have to reinstall the operating system?

Well it’s fading. It has already become kinda difficult to read, not that it was easy to read to start with, and this computer isn’t very old considering I got it last April (I think that was it. Anyway, it was close to then.). It just makes me wonder why they don’t emboss or engrave that information on name plates that won’t have the problem of fading out and eventually becoming totally unreadable. I honestly think that doing so would actually prevent a significant amount of piracy because there’s a fair number of people who end up resorting to bogus OEM numbers simply because they can’t read the real ones anymore.

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