The Unexpected Translation

December 13th, 2010 | Posted in Misc | Comments Off on The Unexpected Translation

Here’s something odd for you. I was reading a text file earlier when out of nowhere the text changed. Where just a moment before had been the words mp3 player was Lecteurs MP3. Now this one is a mystery. The file was a plain old fashioned 7-bit flat ASCII text file and I had it open in notepad.

Notepad, as I’m sure most windows users know, is quite possibly the simplest GUI based text editing program for the windows platform. It has NO language translation capability at all, let alone something sophisticated enough to go through a file and change every occurrence of mp3 players to the french equivalent.

No, I don’t have a malware infection. I keep my anti malware software up to date and active. I keep a software firewall on my laptop and my router also has a built in firewall function that I have enabled and set to only allow traffic on certain ports, blocking all of the rest.

I *NEVER* allow untrusted media, flash drives, CD’s, or DVD’s to be put in my machine and I scan *ALL* downloads for malware before using them.

This is not only not a particularly evil hack (IF that’s what it is) but it’s an especially useless one.

WHY would anyone write such a beast?

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