Internet Home Business, The New American Dream.

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Internet Home Business” and searches related to that topic are probably some of THE hottest topics these days. I saw one article estimate there were over 300,000 such searches every month. This makes information on the subject of making money on the internet is in high demand. Unfortunately, there’s also an incredible amount of bogus information and outright scams out there just waiting to pounce on the unsuspecting newbie.

Is it possible for anyone to make money online? Yes, absolutely. Will anyone who tries make money online? NO. In fact, most people who try will end up quitting after either making a pittance of an income, sinking time, money and skull sweat into a project only to have it flop and not even make back it’s costs.

The frustration of learning how Internet business works and finding real information amid all the scams and stuff that’s just plain wrong will have most people quit before they really get started.

A really good bit of advice for anyone starting an internet home business is not to expect to earn serious money for at least a year. It is true that service based businesses usually tend to start earning money faster, it’s still a good idea to allow a full year before expecting it to replace your regular job.

The good news is that if as you are willing to put in the time to learn how things work, you can get an Internet Home Business started with very little money most of the time. It depends what kind of business you’re trying to start. Some cost more to get going than others.

Where to start? Here’s a few rules of thumb:

1. Watch out for any Internet Home Business “system” that promises instant success. Remember that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. There is no such thing as a get-rich-quick scheme that works. Even online you need hard work and dedication. The work just takes a different form is all.

2. You need to Know (or be prepared to learn) the basics of html, social media, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and the basics of traditional marketing and sales principles and techniques.

3. Most Pre-packaged Internet Home Business programs only work to the extent that you can customize them and make them unique with your own flavor. Even then the techniques that do the job for one niche almost always won’t work in other niches.

4. You need to find the right niche for your business, learn your audience and once you find a niche, stay with it. If you can relate to people needing to lose weight and have some knowledge in the area, you might sell products like Hydroxycut, dieting information or how to lose weight safely. If you’re more knowledgeable and comfortable with web design you might work in some aspect of that field and so on.

Unless you’ve got some fantastic idea that draws attention from venture capitalist types, you need to figure out where your strengths are and what business model best suits your strengths and the budget you’ve got to get started on. Expect to be a “low budget” operation for quite a while as you are getting established.

In upcoming articles I’m going to go over several online business models and look at the pros and cons of each as well as some of what each type of Internet Home Business requires.

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