How Hobbies Change

October 28th, 2008 | Posted in Misc | Comments Off on How Hobbies Change

Ever notice how your hobbies change over the years? Or are you still taking time out on the weekends to build, maintain and fly rc helicopters and planes? If so, good for you, don’t quit.

When I was a kid my main hobbies consisted mostly of fulfilling my obligation as the older brother to appropriately torment my younger siblings, reading science fiction (when I could find the good stuff) and model rockets.

I remember seeing the people flying their RC Airplanes and helicopters, They were super cool. Unfortunately that kinda stuff was expensive back then so I stuck with the rockets. The flights were short lived I’ll admit but there was still something spectacular about it.

All these years later I’m noticing how much my hobbies have changed. I no longer make it a point to irritate my brother or sisters and I haven’t built or launched a model rocket in nearly thirty years.

These days I’m busy with blogging, something that lets me voice opinions, vent frustrations, take trips down memory lane, explore new ideas or just plain be silly in print. It’s something that’s both a job and a hobby and I love doing it.

Readers will already know that I’ve been playing around with video lately, even learning how to do some special effects in video editing software. In fact, I think that now if I got an RC Helicopter for Christmas (hrm.. now that sounds like a plan!), I’d spend quite a bit of time messing with it but I’d probably end up using it in a video project of some kind.

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