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January 13th, 2011 | Posted in Marketing, Misc, Youtube | Comments Off on Contestable Thoughts

So here’s the thing. I have, for the last several weeks, been spending a lot of time trying to figure out what I could come up with to use for a prize or prizes in the next contest I hold on my youtube channel.

The problem is that while I would absolutely love to give away things like a new HD camcorder or an iphone 4, I’m stuck with the problem that I am still operating on a very thin shoestring budget which means that such fantastic prizes are, for the time being, out of my reach.

The problem is that in order to ensure more people enter the contest I *NEED* to come up with prizes that they’re going to really want. Unfortunately so far, this has always led me to the conclusion that I need to come up with some serious cash to spend on prizes.

I’m still working on it and since I have not said anything about a new contest I have plenty of time to find something. Strange though how I still feel the pressure of needing to come up with something even though I don’t actually have a deadline OR even a commitment to do it yet for that matter.

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