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January 18th, 2011 | Posted in Current Events, Hot Topics, Making money, nutjob hills | Comments Off on Surprise Specialist

A Local guy that I’ve mentioned before has become a small business owner. I think of him as a “surprise specialist” because I don’t think anybody in town expected him to successfully open a business and he has made his business quite a specialty.

You may remember sometime back (I hope so, I’m too lazy right now to look up the entry) I talked about a guy that was busily working on creating an acne treatment using a common sandwich spread as the basis for his formula. Well, he has now gone far enough to have opened a acne treatments store that specializes not only in his own personal brand of acne treatment that is very much based on a popular sandwich spread but also includes every form of acne treatment known to modern zits.

In addition to his formula he not only carries every commercial acne product I’ve ever heard of (and quite a few I haven’t), he also carries a wealth of home remedies and treatments.

Not surprisingly, he’s already begun to establish a strong customer baseline among the local teen population. As hard to believe as it is, this sandwich spread thing just might make him very wealthy.

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