There’s Gold In Them Thar Dreams!

January 27th, 2011 | Posted in Current Events, Entertainment, Youtube | Comments Off on There’s Gold In Them Thar Dreams!

This was happening for a while and then real life got in the way and shut down my idea factory but now it looks like the idea factory is once again open for business

After a few months of not happening at all, it’s started happening so much during the last couple of months that I’ve started keeping my laptop alongside where I sleep with the machine running in sleep mode to make sure that when I rise from such a dream I can just open up a notepad file and jot down a quick summary of the dream so that it’s there to work on later when I am fully awake sufficient to complete making it a fully fleshed out script.

One good example involves the Enterprise crew encountering a parallel version of our planet during it’s voyage. There were some differences, like Blue Cross Blue Shield NC actually mentioned Northern Continent rather than North Carolina and their primary service plan was mainly related to insuring people’s success with weight reduction plans than more readily available health insurance.

There were other differences for example the weight loss channel on satellite tv had become the single hottest information and entertainment network. The planet wide percentage with overweight people has been reduced from the current level in our “real” world to fewer than 0. 06% on the world in the other universe.

I realize that this and other ideas still need a great deal of development before any of them may possibly become an actual script but nevertheless, it does contain a lot of potential and my goal is to keep it and improve it when there is time until there is a sizable collection of scripts to work with.

Then the REAL fun starts… Production!

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