Aren’t We Just A Tad Early?

January 29th, 2011 | Posted in Advertising, Making money, Marketing | Comments Off on Aren’t We Just A Tad Early?

I first noticed this trend several years ago. Since then I’ve been casually watching it and it has definitely continued. In fact, I think it’s in danger of going too far.

Specifically I am talking about the trend toward the commercial aspect of holidays to start earlier every year. For example right now it’s not even Valentine’s day yet and already there are several stores around here gearing up with decoration ideas for easter. Earlier this year Halloween was not even over yet when the first signs of Christmas marketing campaigns were already showing up in some stores.

I can’t help wondering if it will actually happen some year that the day after New Years stores begin marketing for the next Christmas. I realize that holidays are a great time to make a buck but I can’t help wonder if maybe, just maybe, the point of the holiday itself is getting lost in the commercialism of it.

I think in most cases it is.

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