Anticipating Summer

February 16th, 2011 | Posted in nutjob hills | Comments Off on Anticipating Summer

Ralph has always been very much the outdoors kind of guy. It’s one of the big reasons why he really hates cold weather because while he loves being outside, he doesn’t want to do so in cold weather that’s just going to, in his words, “do nothing but make me miserable”.

He wants to be outside in warm comfortable weather so that he can be warm and comfy without having to be inside. He’s also an avid bike rider. This goes at least a little way toward explaining why he has six bicycles and has a car and trailer mounted with top of the line thule bike racks for transporting them to any number of bike riding events that he is involved in every year.

In fact, he’s SO into bike riding that the only time he ever uses his car in the summer is either to transport his bikes or when he has to get something at a store that he can’t carry on a bike.

Me, I’ll stick with an exercise bike. I need the physical activity but for the most part, I have no desire to go anywhere and I’m certainly not going to get into competitions.

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