Internet Home Business: Affiliate Marketing

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Affiliate Marketing essentially means promoting products and services from other companies and individuals on your website. When they make a sale to a customer that reached them by way of your affiliate link you get a commission.

Affiliate programs are all over the place and I think you’d be surprised just how much internet advertising is part of affiliate programs of one kind or another. Just doing a quick scan of a few of your favorite blogs will probably reveal affiliate links to everything from the latest magnetic bracelet to webhosting services and every conceivable thing in between.

There’s several kinds of affiliate programs. Commision based is where you get a percentage of every sale you generate. CPM (cost per thousand) impressions means that you’re paid a certain amount of money for every time the company’s advertisement appears on your site. Flat fee referral programs pay you a fixed amount of money for every referral that meets some qualification, usually making a purchase of some kind.

In this business you have to have a good grasp of sales copywriting and web marketing techniques such as PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising. A couple of good online resources include John Cow and Shoemoney.

There’s also a good book, “Make a Fortune Promoting Other People’s Stuff Online” by Rosalind Gardner, that helps you learn how to navigate through the different types of affiliate programs and identify the profitable products and programs, learn to spot the ones that you’re better off avoiding and a whole lot more

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