Planning Ahead

February 18th, 2011 | Posted in Hot Topics, Making money, Saving money | Comments Off on Planning Ahead

Did you, like so many people, end up paying through the nose last Christmas when it came time to get Christmas Cards? I know that a lot of people consider it one of the many costs of “doing things right” over the holidays and because of that they fully expect to pay a lot for good Christmas cards.

What they and many others are not realizing however is that by planning ahead they can use the law of supply and demand to get much better deals on cards that are every bit as good as the ones they pay a premium price for during the Christmas season.

It’s simple. Start shopping for Christmas cards NOW. Right now, a couple of months after Christmas, the demand is low but the supply still exists. It’s just that for the most part it’s sitting in backrooms and warehouses waiting until next Christmas.

However those who have them aren’t stupid. They know that it’s far more profitable to sell them regardless of the time of year, than to pay for warehouse space to store them. Even when they sell them at a huge discount. Look around, make inquiries. You might just surprise yourself and save some money!

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