Misleading First Impression

February 18th, 2011 | Posted in Computers, Misc | Comments Off on Misleading First Impression

A local software company just hired a new IT security guy. The reason that this is worthy of any mention at all is because of how much explaining to their customers that they’re having to do because of the guy’s appearance.

You see, he’s a long way from the three piece suit type. In fact, I’d wager that he’s probably never worn one and doesn’t even own a tie. Instead he prefers to wear what has come to be known as hip hop clothes along with flashy jewelry (they call it “bling” these days. I hate that term). He also has a very independent attitude and is often intolerant of what he sees as stupidity.

Why then did he get hired you ask? Because in spite of his eccentricities he is perhaps the best there is in his field. On company exec, talking to a customer about him said, “yeah, he’s not our usual type of employee but i’ll tell you, he’s forgotten more about IT security than most in his line of work will ever know.”

And that’s it. He’s good, very good, at what he does and he knows it. Therefore if you want him working for you you have to give a little and accept him for who he is because if you don’t he will just take one of the many offers that are always on the table waiting for him.

For him and people like him, it’s always an employee’s market.

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