Kid, WHY are you asking me?

February 19th, 2011 | Posted in nutjob hills | Comments Off on Kid, WHY are you asking me?

I don’t know why but this seems to happen on a regular basis. People asking me odd questions out of the blue. Ok, maybe they’re not all odd but the fact that they all to often pop up out of the blue with no preamble or warning is.

I get these questions from all manner of people, young and old, all over Nutjob Hills. This latest one came while I was out at the Nutjob Hills Diner having breakfast in preparation for what I knew was going to be a long day of writing. I had twenty one jobs on a variety of topics for seven different clients and everybody wants their stuff finished by midnight Sunday.

So I’m going over job specs as I eat, trying to get the old creative juices flowing and here comes this kid, about 15 by the look of him. He just strolls right up to me like I was expecting him, pops his butt down at my table and goes strait to the point. “I really need to know in a hurry, what’s the best acne treatment I can get quickly?”

My first response is “Kid, WHY are you asking me? Why don’t you go see Mr. Helpful or the pharmacist or even your family doctor?” He replied by telling me that the pharmacist was out of town, Mr. Helpful hasn’t been seen for weeks and the doctor charges more for an office call than his allowance could afford.

Not wanting to be dragged into a long drawn out thing when I had work to do I told him about the kid, a few years older than him, who had begun making good money selling an acne treatment based on a popular sandwich spread. I suggested that he talk to this guy.

Thankfully the kid took my advice and left as soon as I told him where the shop was. Now I can get to that list of 21 jobs. Hopefully I won’t be interrupted while I work.

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