I Found One Way

February 21st, 2011 | Posted in Computers, Current Events | Comments Off on I Found One Way

. . . To curb appetite. The problem is that while it does seem to work as one of the best appetite suppressants I’ve ever seen, it’s not something that I would recommend. What is it you ask?

Being almost sick with worry that the computer I use for so many things, especially things that earn me a meager scrap of money now and then, might have problems that I cannot fix myself or find help getting it fixed without having to spend money I don’t have and cannot afford.

I know at this point that there is at least one smartass that will suggest I simply send the computer back to the manufacturer and let Toshiba find the problem and fix it.

There’s two basic reasons.

1, While I like the computer I got from them I do NOT trust them (or anybody else!!) to mess around with it. Especially when I can’t be right there to tell somebody “you format that drive and I’ll skin you alive with a potato peeler!” if the need arises (and I *KNOW* that at some point it would because some people just can’t be bothered to fix something instead of re-installing everything.

2, I simply can NOT be without this machine for the amount of time it would take to ship it to toshiba, let them take weeks? months? to fix it and then ship it back to me.

Besides that, I’m pretty sure I am out of the warranty period which means I’d have to fork over cash I don’t have for ’em to do all that.

No thanks, not gonna happen.

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