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It shouldn’t even be necessary to define just what a blog is but just for the heck of it I will. A blog is a form of website with chronological entries that are written at whatever pace the blogger desires, there could be dozens of new posts in a day or it could go weeks between entries depending on many factors from how busy the blogger is to the primary subject of the blog.

So how can something that’s mostly journal style writing, articles and reviews be a business? There are several ways from selling advertising space, promote affiliate products or you could even enter the fire pits of “paid blogging” where you accept assignments to write reviews for a fee.

I said fire pits because there’s been some level of controversy on the topic, some elitest types considering paid blogging to somehow sully a blog. Personally I think that as long as you maintain some kind of standard and make sure to give your readers plenty of good content (whether it’s paid or not), then it can be a very effective business.

The most important skill needed is writing good copy. You need to be able to express a thought or idea in such a way that what you’re saying comes across the printed word without the confusion that can often come with poorly written copy.

It’s absolutely essential that you can write clear, understandable English (unless of course, you’re writing for a non-English blog, then you need to be fluent in that language). One of the things that will turn off a lot of readers and more importantly, advertisers, is writing that looks like English is the author’s third or fourth language.

Other necessary skills include social networking, affiliate marketing and web marketing. Usefull, but not essential skills include knowledge of html, PHP, website design, blog template design for the blogging software you will be using.

There’s plenty of good resources online that will help you learn a lot about blogging. One very good one that I’ve spent a lot of time reading is a free 130+ Page Case Study that reveals Step by Step Exactly How to Build a Profitable Business Not Just a Blog!

There’s also a lot to learn on popular blogs like John Cow, ProBlogger, JohnChow and DoshDosh along with a book written by a couple of successful probloggers Darren Rowse & Chris Garrett; “ProBlogger, Secrets to Blogging Your Way to a Six Figure Income” that reveals a lot of their secrets to successful and profitable blogging.

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