Dateless Donny

February 26th, 2011 | Posted in nutjob hills | Comments Off on Dateless Donny

Dateless Donny has a couple of pretty serious problems. As you can probably guess from the pseudonym I’ve given him one of those problems is that he has real trouble meeting, let alone dating, women.

His other problem is financial. To put it bluntly he’s what I think of as “terminally broke”, which means he hardly ever has more than enough money for basic essentials, actual money beyond what he needs for essential expenses is something that he almost never has.

He’s persistent though, he has been working hard to turn as small business that is barely getting by into something that he hopes will eventually move him up into the low income bracket.

He’s equally persistent when it comes to his problem of being consistently dateless. He’s tried all of the free online dating websites around and it’s rare that he gets more than an initial look. Most, as in 99%, of the women on those sites won’t even bother to answer notes that he sends them. Those that do essentially tell him to get lost, often expressed in rather colorful ways that I’ll not reprint here.

So he continues his efforts, both online and in person, to find a way to effect some kind of change on his dating life. Perhaps someday he’ll meet a woman that doesn’t look at him and go “EEWWWW! Get away from me!”. oh, and for the record, I’ve no idea why they do that to him, he doesn’t look any worse than the average American male and he doesn’t smell bad. It’s a mystery.

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