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I got one of *those* emails this morning. You know the kind. I appears in your inbox with the subject line [SHOCKING VIDEO] Watch it now. This one appeared to come from somebody named Frank Dang whom I have never heard of before today. The best guess I can make is that this is one of the dozens of email lists that I was dumb desperate enough to allow myself to be added to about a year and a half ago when I was still actively trying to learn enough about Internet Marketing to try making a living at it with an almost zero budget.

While I never did manage it I did learn that in order to succeed in most Internet Marketing “ventures” you need two things.

1. Several thousand dollars of startup cash

2. An almost complete lack of morals and the willingness to lie your tail off to your would be customers.

I not only didn’t have the cash, I decided that I couldn’t sell people a so-called product that I *knew* full well was total crap that was good only for separating people from their money.

Anyway, back to the email, here’s the text of that email:

Shocking video takes you behind
the curtain of a real 7-Figure Business
you can instantly call your very own…

=>> Click here to watch

And best of all… you can be setup
and profiting in less than 4 minutes!

=>> Click here to watch

Your friend in success,
Frank Dang

Without even reading the whole thing you can tell it’s crap. The very first sign that this is a crap “offer” is the fact that instead of spelling out the word “free” the writer puts a period after the first letter, making it read “F.REE”. The reason is because they’re trying to defeat spam filters that look for the word “free” (especially in all caps) as one of the indicators that an email is spam.

The “Shocking” Video

The only thing that is truly shocking about it is how incredibly bad it is. This video is nothing more than a screen capture that walks you through the setup of the “Income Infuser” system, an automated sales system that is supposed to let you make bundles of cash while not doing much of anything.

This walk through is visual only. Instead of having a voice-over that explains what is being done and talking about the program it has a really annoying, loud (probably somebody’s copyrighted music used without permission), music track that serves only to distract you from the video.

The Offer

This eight and a half minute video goes through the entire “Income Infuser” system. Then, under the video, is the message “**Click Here To Claim Your FREE software**”.

That link takes you to the main Income Infuser sales page and it’s a whopper let me tell you! On this page you find out that the “free software” isn’t free at all. The page goes on and on about how this guy spent $30,000 of his own cash to develop this software and about how it’s easily supposed to be worth over $1400 per copy with a $97 dollar a month membership fee to go with it.

After all of the seemingly endless hype, so-called “social proofs”, “testimonials” and more sales hype you finally get to discover that this amazing “done for you” system that cost so much to create and is supposedly worth so much per copy can be had for the paltry sum of $47 with no membership fee.

I wouldn’t touch it if it were given to me free!

You know, like the email SAID it would be?

Why not?

Because the whole blasted thing is a lie. What does this push button business that is supposed to make you a millionaire overnight with a easy work from home internet marketing home business actually SELL?

It sells nothing less than OTHER so-called work at home internet marketing “businesses” and “business opportunities”!!!

The whole thing is geared toward people who are either desperate to make money or just greedy bastards with no conscience at all.

I also doubt very much that the average person who buys this load of trash is going to be able to get it up and making money within anywhere near four minutes.

Oh it’s possible that you *might* get the software set up in that time but it could take half of forever for it to start earning money for anybody besides the person you bought it from.

This is because in all the hype and BS in the sales pages I did not see one word about building links to the site(s) you would create for this thing. Not one word about driving traffic to it via Adwords or other advertising system and believe me, without traffic, such a site is NEVER going to earn you anything.

Not to mention the fact that recent updates in Google’s ranking and search algorithms are going to make it VERY difficult for sites created by this system to rank very well in search results or EVER have much, if any, pagerank or authority of any kind in search engine indexes. If you don’t have decent position in search result pages for good keywords, you’re not going to get much, if any, traffic.

In short, this thing is nothing more than a pipe dream, save your time and money. Don’t buy it.

If you get it, mark that email as spam and delete it.

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