A Good Vacation

March 5th, 2011 | Posted in what if | Comments Off on A Good Vacation

I think I need a vacation. A good long one that takes me away from all of the stresses and various forms of BS that go with normal everyday life. Of course I know that such a vacation is, in reality, either a long long way off in the distant future or it’s just plain not going to happen. But hey, a guy can dream right?

Of course if I do eventually get to take a vacation I’m pretty sure that it would not be your average vacation. For example I might want to start by spending a few weeks in one of the more remote and quieter than most Kitty Hawk rentals just to take a few weeks to unwind and get used to not having deadlines and a full range of daily “gotta do” things to deal with every day.

Besides, I think it’d be pretty cool to spend some time at sites like the place where Orville and Wilbur Wright did their thing. Then again I’d also like to spend at *least* a week or more going through the Smithsonian Air and Space museum. They’ve got a whole mess of really cool stuff out of aviation history from the first plane to fly transatlantic non stop to the Apollo 11 command module to the model of the USS Enterprise that was used in the original Star Trek series.

From there I think I’d like to head down to Cape Canaveral and visit the Kennedy Space Center. Did you know that the vehicle assembly building is the largest building on Earth? It has to be, the 39 story tall Saturn V rockets were assembled inside it before being moved to launch pad 39A on a giant crawler at a mind bending two miles per hour.

Leaving the East coast I think a trip to the Huston Space Center and NASA’s primary Mission Control facility would be next. Then other cool places like the Jet Propulsion Lab and probably a dozen more that I can’t think of just this minute.

In any event, it would make for a very interesting six months.

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