Why StumbleUpon Is A Waste Of Time

March 6th, 2011 | Posted in building traffic, social bookmarking, traffic tools | Comments Off on Why StumbleUpon Is A Waste Of Time

I’ve mentioned Stumbleupon before on this blog several times. From Stumble Your Way To Traffic in which I talked about it as a source of traffic to another post I wrote after over six months of using Stumbleupon, There’s traffic And Then There’s Traffic in which I briefly mentioned the high bounce rate of Stumbleupon traffic.

A lot of time has passed since then and I have stumbled a lot of posts along the way and I have seen a lot of traffic from stumblers. After having done that for so long I have come to the conclusion that unless the page that you stumble has some eye catching, attention grabbing content, most of the people arriving on your site from Stumbleupon are going to bounce off it in five seconds or less.

Very few stumblers actually stop to read blog posts and almost none of them click on advertisements of whatever flavor.

now entering stumbleupon zone danger high bounce ratesIt’s true that I’ve seen the advice (from several sources actually) that the way to get the best out of Stumbleupon is to do the things that you’re expected to do on any social networking site. Become “friends” with as many people with similar interests as possible, join groups that correspond to those interests and so on.

The thing is that all this takes time. Lots of time. I don’t know about you but between maintaining and writing in several blogs and taking care of various important non-blogging activities, I don’t have time to spend the several hours per day that it would take to become part of yet another community in hopes that it will get me more traffic.

Hell, I have a hard enough time keeping up with youtube, email, twitter and facebook. Actively participating in another social network just isn’t going to happen.

Because of all this and most importantly, the almost insanely high bounce rates (usually 85% or higher!), I have decided that while I will continue to stumble an occasional article or two. I have reached the end of stumbling all blog posts that I write. I am also no longer concerned with how much traffic that I get from stumbleupon.

Stumbleupon is good for making a hit counter spin like crazy but if those hits don’t convert to readers, subscribers and dare I say it, clicks on advertising, then there’s really no point to making it spin like that.

Instead, I am going to simply concentrate on creating good content and building quality inbound links because in the long run those two things are going to bring better results than any six social networking sites, none of which I have time to get involved with anyway.

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