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Adsense has become a big time moneymaker for a lot of people. Many others make a little here and there and still more make nothing or next to nothing with it. There’s a lot of reasons for this, many of them involve the text content of the pages with the adsense units on them. However one factor that a lot of people don’t think about is how they position them on the page.

Somebody once said that “the three most important things in business are location, location and location”. Just as you wouldn’t try to sell used cisco routers in an ice cream shop or a movie theater, you should also give consideration where your advertising lands on the page.

Fortunately Google provides some help in deciding where to put the adsense blocks on your page and not only should they have the best idea of what works, it’s in their best interest to help you do better because that helps them earn more with their AdWords advertising.

Sometimes you only have limited choices based on the design of the page but when you have the freedom to improve your ad positioning Google has provided this “heat map” that shows what parts of a web page get better results.

The dark orange areas are the best performers, with lighter orange being a bit less and the yellow areas being generally the weakest locations on the page.

Generally speaking, ads visible “above the fold” usually perform better than those below. Ads placed close to the main content and the site’s menus and navigational aids also tend to do pretty good because people tend to focus on those parts of the page.

So if your adsense isn’t doing as well as it should, perhaps you should take a look at where it is on the page. After all, if it’s not noticeable, it won’t get any clicks.

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