Fat Freddie Gets Offended

March 30th, 2011 | Posted in nutjob hills | Comments Off on Fat Freddie Gets Offended

So “Fat Freddie” as he’s known (hey, don’t grief *ME*, he introduces himself that way!) has lost well over 150 pounds and has recently started to make some real progress in getting rid of the gut that has managed to stay with him in spite of how much weight he’s lost.

You’d think that everything was just great wouldn’t you?

Well I thought so to. However it turns out that all was not bright and cheery for Fat Freddie. I saw him in the Nutjob Hills diner and I just had to find out why he looked so upset. It turns out that he was obsessing over one of the many pamphlets that Mr. Helpful had given him in that huge collection of weight loss information.

when I asked what the problem was he handed me a paper about something called hemo rage black saying that he was shocked to find out that Mr. Helpful was racist. I looked over the information and yeah, that was the name of the product but apparently Freddie hadn’t bothered to read past that part. I took a few minutes and explained that this didn’t have anything to do with racism. Instead it’s a Pre-workout dietary supplement that is supposed to help with muscle gain and calorie burning and that as far as I could tell the only significance of the word “black” in the name has to do with the main color of the product label.

I suggested that next time, he take time to read all the way through something before allowing himself to get upset about what he thinks it says.

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