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I think most people have the idea that being a YouTube partner is a kind of fast lane ticket to making lots of money and becoming super popular really fast.

Sadly, not only is this not the truth, it couldn’t be farther from it.

Granted. Partners DO have the ability to earn money from Adsense advertising on their videos. The thing is though that it takes a time and a lot of work to become popular enough before that money adds up to any kind of significant amound. I wish it were true because I’d be using that money for all sorts of things from something like one of those top of the line Meister Watches to a whole suite of video equipment, several new state of the art computers able to handle anything I care to throw at them and many more things.

Unfortunately that kind of success is a ways off for me right now. While I’ve been a partner since Dec 2, 2010 I have yet to receive the first money from it. Not that it’s going to be a whole lot. Frankly, while I can’t say exactly how much I’ve earned from my YouTube Partnerhip, I can say that it’s less than fifty dollars. It’s going to take a while before it becomes enough to make a serious dent in my debts.

I do however have a plan.

One of my videos, “Equals Pie (An Equals Three parody)”, has seen considerable success since I uploaded it on Dec 22, 2009.

It’s gotten 23,571 views (not much compared to “famous” youtubers but pretty good for an almost totally unknown like me.)

In that time it’s had 227 comments, 107 likes, 69 dislikes (for a total of 176 ratings), and been favorited 25 times. The reason it’s had so many comments is because I set it as a video response to one of RayWilliamJohnson’s Equals Three videos. His fans see that and come to watch it and a lot of them just can’t resist leaving a comment to say something nasty about me for daring to parody their beloved Equals Three.

A lot of the time they also take a second to rate it as well. In fact, many of them make it a point to give it a thumbs down rating thinking that this will keep it from being more popular.

What they don’t understand that in terms of ranking, thumbs up or thumbs down both add up to one thing. A rating. It’s the number of ratings that drives a video, not whether it’s a like or dislike.

Another thing that drives a video is comments. Even if all they do is leave a comment tellig me that my video is fake and gay, they’re still helping to drive the video more.

What I’ve decided to do is take some time and make at least one new Equals Three parody every month. More often if I have the time and inspiration. Each and every one of them will be set as video response to a current Equals Three episode.

The rest should be automatic. RWJ fans will watch it, downrate it, and leave their own “special” brand of comments on it. If my plan succeeds, RWJ’s fans will help boost me and my youtube partnership into some real success.

Oh, I almost forgot, here’s the parody video I’m talking about.

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