A Different Kind Of Salesman

April 10th, 2011 | Posted in nutjob hills, Saving money | Comments Off on A Different Kind Of Salesman

The thing that makes Frank B. something of an unusual insurance agent is that he is actually genuinely interested in helping his customers get cheap auto insurance rates. I think the fact that he is actually independently wealthy has something to do with it. It means that he has no reason to be “in it for the money”, he’s got loads of it in the Nutjob Hills savings and loan.

So instead of trying to maximize his commission, he concentrates on finding the very best possible deal for people who come to him. He’s developed quite the reputation. Customers love him for saving them loads of money by finding small insurance companies that have the best possible rates.

Of course, the people that don’t like him much are the other insurance agents in town. Since Frank opened up shop they have all taken a major downturn in their profits, having lost a lot of their customers to him.

One of those agencies even stopped calling him by his name. Now anytime they mention him, even in official company paperwork, he’s known only as “Ferret Face”.

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