The Business Of Holidays And Parties

April 21st, 2011 | Posted in nutjob hills | Comments Off on The Business Of Holidays And Parties

I was at the Nutjob Hills mini mall the other day to use the Froboz Electric document printer when I heard a couple of women talking about how they had both gotten bridal shower invitations from a friend of theirs whom they didn’t even know was planning to get married and how they only had a week to come up with gifts appropriate to the occasion.

On hearing that it occurred to me that there’s really quite a few holidays and special events that, as far as I can tell, were created by businesses such as the greeting card industry, florists, and many businesses that specialize in things that are commonly given as gifts.

Oh technically I suppose that these holidays and special occasions do actually celebrate something but I can’t help but wonder, If businesses wanting to make or increase their sales and profits didn’t have anything to do with the inception of these gift giving occasions, would they be nearly as big of a deal as they are today?

Probably not.

Therefore if your business involves merchandise that fits the type of gift given for a particular occasion it could very well be worth taking the time to put thought into creating a “holiday” or other “special occasion” to fit the situation. Then all you need to do is focus your advertising in that direction.

The greeting card industry is a prime example of this. They’ve got greeting cards for just about every holiday and special occasion that you can think of and quite a lot that you probably haven’t heard of. Not only that but they are busily inventing more all the time.

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