Best Use Of Keywords, Six Rules To Remember

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There’s been a lot of stuff about how to come up with good keywords but sometimes it’s good to just go over the basics of how to make the best use of your keywords.

Ideally, you want to optimize any one article or page for one particular keyword or phrase. If other related keywords are used that’s fine but you want to make sure the page is focused on the one keyword / phrase that you’re working with.

The first thing to do is to write your article entirely for the reader. The only thing you should think about while writing it is what you’re trying to tell the reader. Get your message across and be as clear as possible. Then and only then, go back through the article to optimize it. Just remember that if something takes away from the quality or clarity of what you’ve written then you should rethink using it.

Here’s six places you’ll want to pay particular attention to:

1. Beginning of title tag

While you’re obviously wanting to get attention of search engines for relevance, you also want to get attention from human visitors. Think of the title tag as the headline of a classified ad. It needs to get the reader’s attention, use your keyword and be easy to read quickly.

If you aim for having your title tag around 6 to 10 words long. You’ll want to use the keyword / phrase at the start of the title if at all possible and be sure to only use the keyword once in the title.

2. Beginning of description

The Description META tag is still a good one to pay attention to because search engines often still use it to fill in their index entry about your page. The description needs to be on-topic and have the keyword as close to the start as possible.

3. The first sentence

The first sentence is where you start telling the reader what the article is about. That first sentence is therefore a place you want your keyword to show up in.

4. Use keyword three to four more times in the content

Over the course of what you’re writing, you want to work your keyword into the text at least three or four times. Of course, you’ll only want to do this if it can be done in a “natural” sounding way. If it comes off sounding clunky when you read it aloud then you should re-work how you’re using it.

5. Bold or italicized at least once

Bold and italic text draw the eye to the text that is so highlighted. It also draws attention from search engines. The reason is that something is in bold or italic type because it’s important, this adds some weight to the keywords that are in bold or italic. Be careful not to over use either. Not only can it make your page look terrible, it can make it harder to read. Over use will also dilute any extra weighting that it might give.

6. Anchor text of url

If at all possible, the keyword you’re trying to make the page all about should be in the url for that page. It’s another thing that will add weight to it.

By paying attention to how and where you use your keywords you will make it easier for search engines to determine what your page is about and this will positively affect your SERPs.

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