Missing The Mail

April 30th, 2011 | Posted in Misc | Comments Off on Missing The Mail

Now normally I don’t give a half a squat about postal mail. Mostly because it is very rare that anything ever arrives that way that I actually want. Almost always anything that arrives by USPS is either a bill, a collection notice of some flavor or spamvertisements for places that I never shop at for products I never use.

However in spite of that there are occasional times, albeit rare, that I am looking for something to arrive by postal mail. The problem is that because my mailbox isn’t exactly really obvious and it’s across the street instead of on my side of the street in front of my house there are times when substitute carriers will miss it entirely.

I’m going to try putting one of those large numbered address signs on a post right next to the mailbox and see if that helps make it more visible. If that doesn’t work perhaps I’ll see about putting a bright spotlight on it so that nobody will miss it.

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