Value In Linking To Others

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In the mad rush to get links and build traffic, many of us have all but forgotten the value that can be gotten from the outbound links. Linking to others can be a valuable part of promoting your site and drawing attention to it.

The idea is to provide links that are either useful or just of interest to your readers. For example, if I assume that my audience has a number of younger teenage readers it would be reasonable for me to talk about and provide links relevant to acne and related issues.

If I’m targeting people who love short stories then I would provide links to excellent short stories such as “Troubadour“, which is a very interesting story that has an ending that I don’t think most people in the world will quite expect.

By providing links to things that your readers are interested in, you’re increasing your value to them and the likelihood that they’ll be coming back and telling others about your site or even linking to it as a valuable resource on whatever topic.

Another benefit is when the link you’re providing is to a blog post. Now I’m not just talking about linking to “Joe’s Blog”, rather I’m talking about linking to a particular post on Joe’s Blog. The exact mechanism varies with blog software but generally your blog will notify Joe’s Blog that you’ve linked to a page on their site (it’s called a pingback). Joe’s blog may then opt to show that pingback as part of the comments for that post. This would include a link back to the blog that the pingback came from.

Bear in mind that not all blogs choose to display pingbacks and a lot of them will add rel=”nofollow” to the link going back to your blog. On the whole though, making the effort to get those pingbacks is worthwhile because it increases your blog’s visibility even if you don’t get any pagerank out of the deal. At the very least you’ve got people seeing the link.

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