If He Doesn’t, I Might Do It For Him

May 8th, 2011 | Posted in nutjob hills | Comments Off on If He Doesn’t, I Might Do It For Him

Recently a new neighbor, Gary G. who is a fan of ATV’s and collects all manner of accessories for them, started showing just how far around the bend he really is.

After collecting ATV accessories for months, he finally got an actual ATV to put them on. Of course, this also means that he’s been riding that ATV all over the place. The part that makes me think he’s gonna need a really good life insurance policy is that he has this attitude that “all terrain vehicle” means *ALL* terrain. Including the roof of my house at 3:30 IN THE MORNING!!

I’ve already tried the polite approach but he’s convinced that because it’s an all terrain vehicle that he has the right to ride it literally everywhere his heart desires. Even if that means nearly killing himself in the process.

Can you blame me for at least considering mayhem?

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