There’s traffic And Then There’s Traffic

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What do I mean by that title? Simply that there’s all kinds of sources of web traffic and while some of them can easily produce a greater number of visitors, it’s easily arguable that the best traffic is the visits that come directly from the search engines.

These visitors have found your site by putting keywords into a search engine and then clicking on a link to your site because it looks to them like they might find what they’re looking for on that page. This is what’s called targeted traffic. Somebody that comes to your site from a search has a much higher chance of converting into a sale than a visitor that arrives from StumbleUpon.

Don’t get me wrong, StumbleUpon is a great source of raw traffic but since most stumblers get to your page by clicking the “Stumble!” button on their toolbar, a large portion of them are going to “bounce” off of the page in under five seconds unless they see something that grabs their attention. It’s great free traffic, but the bounce rates can be as high as 75% or more. This means it takes a lot more hits per actual sale.

Traffic from a search engine on the other hand is people that are probably interested when they get to the site. The bounce rates are almost always a LOT lower for search engine trafic than for StumbleUpon. The way to get this search engine traffic involves things like keyword usage in your text, inbound links to the site (and not just the home page either!), and quality informative subject matter that is also rich (but not *stuffed/spammed*) with relevent keywords.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the art & science of presenting the best, clearest site to the search engines so that their indexing algorithms have no problem in figuring out what your site is about and what searches it’s most relevant to.

While you’ve got to take care of the “On Site” SEO factors, you need to pay equal attention to the “Off Site” SEO factors. “Off Site” SEO is almost entirely about your inbound links and where they come from. Generally speaking, the more inbound links there are the better off you are but there’s also the matter of where those links are pointing to. Are they all pointing to the site’s home page? If so, then it would be a very good idea to make sure that you have just as many links pointing to internal pages as you do the home page. This increases the site’s visibility in the search engines

You don’t often have much direct control over off site SEO. The best way to increase your one-way inbound links (the best kind to have) is to write lots of useful, relevant content for your site. Sometimes known as “Link Bait”, These relevant, content rich articles will draw links from people who read it and find it useful.

Directory submissions are another way to get one way inbound links but that’s a subject for another post because it can be a whole project all it’s own.

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