Running Out Of Gas

May 15th, 2011 | Posted in Current Events, Misc | Comments Off on Running Out Of Gas

This had not happened to me in well over fifteen years and then last week it did. It pointed out to me another of the things that qualify as being a down side to living in a rural area and that is that when things happen such as a breakdown on the road or you run out of gas, there isn’t many choices for getting roadside assistance to get you moving again.

In fact, around here the best option is either to call a tow truck which is hideously expensive (it’s the mileage that kills you), or call a relative or friend and ask them to either come and get you or, in my case, bring some gasoline.

To make a longish boring story short, I called my brother who helped me get some gas into the car so that I could get it moved off of the roadside before the local police decided to have it towed.

You can well imagine that I’m going to be extra careful about how much fuel I have left before going anywhere from now on. I fully intend for it to be at LEAST another fifteen years before this happens again.

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