Harry’s Problem

June 17th, 2011 | Posted in nutjob hills | Comments Off on Harry’s Problem

Harry’s got quite the problem. His wife’s birthday is coming up soon and he has still not even come up with a preliminary list of birthday gifts for her. At this point he’s got like 17 days before he has to have something in hand that will satisfy her need for flashy looking gifts.

One thing in his favor is that it doesn’t actually have to BE expensive, it just has to LOOK expensive. The big strike against him is that he can’t give her something that’s even a little bit similar to something she’s already got. Especially if it was a gift.

He’s actually got a printed out list of things that he cannot get for her. There’s specific things on it and in some cases entire classes of things are eliminated. This list gets longer every year because it includes any gifts that anyone gives her. She hates duplication and makes sure that anyone who might give her something has a copy of it.

Personally, I think she’s just a little bit too high-maintenance for her own good.

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