When Ends Don’t Meet

July 8th, 2011 | Posted in Current Events, Making money, Money Issues, nutjob hills | Comments Off on When Ends Don’t Meet

What do you do when, as much as you try to make ends meet, they don’t? That’s a question that more and more people are having to try to find the answers to these days. In fact, I’ve spent more than a little time trying to solve that puzzle myself lately.

You know the saying “There’s too much month at the end of the money”? Well for me that’s been happening earlier and earlier every month for nearly a year. In fact last month it happened after only two weeks into the month! On the other hand this month is looking a little better. I may get to three weeks into the month before that statement is true for me this month.

I made the mistake of commenting on this to somebody while at the Nutjob Hills diner having coffee the other day and some would be helpful soul responded that I ought to look into places that give you payday advances. The problem is that My paydays aren’t exactly what you’d call regular and I do believe that said regularity is one of the prerequisites for something like that.

Then again, If I have another month like last month I may give it a shot. The worst they could do is say “No.”.

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