Digital Wedding

July 10th, 2011 | Posted in nutjob hills | Comments Off on Digital Wedding

What happens when two geeks get married? Well, sometimes things can get just a little bit, ah, unusual to say the least.

Take for example a local couple, both of them are very much into computers and the whole modern digital age. He’s a website designer and she’s a top notch programmer fluent in over a dozen computer programming languages.

They decided that their wedding was going to be entirely digitally themed. They plan on an assortment of things. They’re going to put together gift packages for guests attending the wedding. Each one will contain a digital camera, a digital voice recorder, and a cell phone complete with a bluetooth headset.

They’re also setting up a live streaming video feed for guests that cannot physically attend so that they can attend virtually. All of the guests are being asked that they buy all of the wedding gifts online and simply have them shipped to the couple’s new home instead of delivering them in person. The idea there is that once ordered, nobody will have to concern themselves with the gifts again (and not to mention that they won’t get forgotten in a rush either).

Personally I think that the overall digital theme is a cool idea however I can’t help thinking that they’re going overboard just a bit. I mean seriously, how many weddings have a tech support number?

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