Evan’s Obsession

July 10th, 2011 | Posted in nutjob hills | Comments Off on Evan’s Obsession

Evan was a perfectly normal kid, he liked sports, music, games and hated having to go to school. He mowed the lawn on weekeds which got him a reasonable allowance to spend as he pleased. He could have been almost any kid you’ve ever seen.

Then it happened.

He discovered stereo systems and developed a love for (maybe even fanatisism) the techincal side of what makes sound systems work and soon began a quest to build the perfect stereo system. He read everything he could find and drove everybody he knows nuts talking about this or that technical aspect of any sound system. He could give you 73 reasons why no car stereo system was ever going to be even close to perfect.

He developed a habit of complaining when somebody turned on a radio, cd player or mp3 player because the sound had this or that problem with it and he couldn’t stand to listen to it.

Along the way another thing he did that drove people nuts was to constantly be asking where to get this or that part for his “ultimate system”. Last week the question was where to buy Energy speakers, the week before it was a particular brand of amplifier, this week he’s looking for a specific model of a very rare and hard to find equalizer. Two months ago he spent three weeks deciding on what power supply to use.

On the plus side, according to him he’s 85% done with it. This means that soon (we hope!) there will be no more pestering questions and quests about his stereo. Of course then we’ll all be required to listen to several hours of sound samples on it so that we can hear for ourselves how great it is.

You can probably guess how much I’m looking forward to that.

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