Desperately Needing A New Camcorder

August 19th, 2011 | Posted in Misc, nutjob hills | Comments Off on Desperately Needing A New Camcorder

I’ve got a problem that’s gradually getting worse. Considering that I’m a youtube partner and making videos has, for the last year, been becoming more and more “my bread & butter”, this is a problem of catastrophic proportions.

My camcorder is dying.

The battery is already long dead which means that all of my recording is now done exclusively in the studio via the charger cord.

I think the biggest indicator of the camera’s impending death is the fact that every once in a while it will suddenly stop recording anything on the green channel, resulting in a picture that’s made up entirely of red & blue mixed colors. To say the least, that’s a huge problem!

Mr Helpful was in town briefly the other day and heard me talking about it. He popped in long enough to suggest a number of sony digital cameras as possible replacements. Of course, what he didn’t suggest is just exactly how I’m supposed to PAY for one of them (or any camera/camcorder for that matter!) considering how incredibly broke (and in debt) that I’ve been for the last several months.

To coin a phrase, “Big help Irving”.

I mean I’ve got nothing against Sony equipment, some of it is pretty good stuff. However as I understand it Sony is not in the habit of giving away camcorders. At least *I* have never heard of such a thing happening!

And even if they do such things once in a while, I already know in advance that there is zero point in me entering a contest, raffle, drawing, whatever to win something cool like that. I know the odds, I know my history with such things. I have *NEVER* won *ANYTHING* that was worth winning and certainly not anything that I actually needed like a new camcorder or a two cubic foot box of hundred dollar bills!

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