Getting Lost Is My Specialty

September 19th, 2011 | Posted in Entertainment | Comments Off on Getting Lost Is My Specialty

I’ve been asked several times now why it is that I don’t do more cave explorations in my Minecraft videos.

The reason is pretty simple. I have found it incredibly easy to get totally and completely turned around and hopelessly lost in a matter of only a few minutes. I can be maybe ten steps from the entrance and still not see it or recognize the terrain.

What would really be incredibly helpful is if Notch & company would implement an in-game equivalent of the garmin nuvi gps. That way I could set waypoints and position markers to show me how to get the eff out of a cave once I’ve gotten seriously lost inside it.

Given something like that I’d definitely spend a lot more time in caves. The problem is that I think that there actually are mods that perform that kind of function. I just can’t use them in my main world LP because I play that Vanilla with no mods. (except for one that stops endermen from moving blocks and another that removes the void fog but I only use those until those bugs are fixed.)

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