Thinking Of Ways To Profit

September 29th, 2011 | Posted in Making money, Marketing, Youtube | Comments Off on Thinking Of Ways To Profit

I’ve been thinking lately of ways to improve the income that I get from my YouTube partnership. Something that a lot of partners end up doing is selling custom t-shirts.

What they’ll do is come up with a couple of cool funny t shirts and have a bunch of ’em made up (or work out some kind of deal where they only get made when there’s an order) and then sell them for $15 to $20 each.

Their fans love it because it gives them a connection to their favorite YouTube personalities and the YouTube partners love it because they not only earn money from the t-shirt sales but it also counts as publicity because their YouTube channel is almost always included on it somewhere.

The hard part in my opinion is coming up with a reasonably unique design that’s also funny and / or catchy enough that people would want to buy ’em.

I’m going to keep trying though, ’cause every cent helps.

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