It Didn’t Take Long

October 11th, 2011 | Posted in Current Events, Entertainment, Misc | Comments Off on It Didn’t Take Long

As you may know by now, Bob has returned from his stay in the alternate universe in which Minecraft is real. I thought at first that staying for several months in that universe would change him somewhat. Perhaps even mellow his tendency toward excess.

However it seems that was not to be. I have already heard rumors that his excess is no less than it was when he entered that universe. According to the rumors he has ordered a full gross of mens titanium watches. Exactly what he plans to do with them is beyond me. I know for certan that he’s not going to wear one of them since they’re about three quarters of his size. he not only can’t wear one, he could curl up inside the band and go to sleep.

There’s an unsubstatiate rumor that I have to check out that indicates he’s got them for use in a contest of some kind. if this is true I’ll need to find out just what kind of hoops he’s going to make people jump through to get a chance at one of the watches.

Knowing Bob there’ll be naked women involved in some way or another.

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