He Didn’t Waste Any Time

October 14th, 2011 | Posted in Hot Topics, video | Comments Off on He Didn’t Waste Any Time

Recently I mentioned that Bob is back, having returned from his several months long stay in the alternate universe where Minecraft is real. For quite a while he was insisting that he would never return. Then Mojang released an update of Minecraft, the effect of which propagated to that alternate universe, causing serious global changes.

These changes cause Bob to change his mind and return home. Once he was here he immediately started getting caught up on what’s going on and has already produced a new episode of Points of View. I’m impressed at how fast he moved, If I had tried to get something that big done that quickly I’d need rv emergency roadside assistance for certain because I’m not so good at dealing with the pressures of getting big jobs done quickly. I almost always end up messing some part of it up.

Anyway, here’s that new episode, it’s something that anyone using facebook will want to watch.

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