Are You Motivated To Become A Successful Blogger?

December 6th, 2008 | Posted in affiliate marketing, Blogging, building traffic, Current Events, Hot Topics, Making money, Monetizing Blogs | Comments Off on Are You Motivated To Become A Successful Blogger?

The Become A Blogger Premium course that’s recently opened up has been getting a bunch of response and from what I’ve read, there’s been over 350 people signed up as of last night. Not bad for just the first day.

While it’s now too late to get in on the 24 hour fast-action bonus offer, there is still time to get in before the price goes up, which I understand it is going to do in about a week or so.

Here’s the link –

What motivates you?

The answer to that question varies with the situation, a woman wearing sexy lingerie will motivate a person one way and a bill with the words “Past Due” on it will motivate that same person another way. The knowledge that you’ve spent money on something will motivate you to get the most use out of that something.

Investment Increases Motivation

People who invest money in what they’re doing are more motivated to take action because of that investment. When you’ve put your own money on the line you’re going to be more attentive to details and more consistent and dilligent when it comes to both learning about what they’re doing and in putting that knowledge into action.

The information in the reports given away by Yaro Starek is good stuff and if it’s actually applied it can help you improve your results, the downside of it being free is that the overwhelming majority of those who get the reports will never even read them more than once and of those who do, very few will do anything with that information. On the other hand, when you’ve invested cold hard cash in something, you’re going to make double certain it gets put to good use.

Sad, but true.

I can show people how to do something, but if they don’t feel any pain or loss as a result of not doing it (for example, money wasted), there’s no accountability or motivation.

If you are new to blogging and you can see it as something that fits your personality (you enjoy communicating online with people who share your interests), then Become A Blogger Premium is an ideal accountability commitment.

Remember, the price is set to go up sometime next week so it’s a great idea to get in on this now, before that happens.

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