Thanks For The Memories

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Not long ago I got a new memory card.. You know, one of those postage stamp sized flash memory cards that are used in more and more things these days. This one was for my camcorder. It’s a 16 gigabyte card, which makes it possible for me to record up to something like four and a half hours of full HD video.

That’s a lot of capacity for such a small package. Of course, this got me thinking about how storage technology has advanced.

Back when I first started getting involved with computers in the 1970’s, NOBODY had even one gigabyte of storage. Computers back then usually had 16 kilobytes of RAM. Usually in the form of 8 2 kilobyte memory chips. Fancy high capacity memory cards like we have today weren’t even a dream back then. Back then most computers stored programs on cassette tapes because floppy disk drives didn’t appear for a few years later.

When they did show up, the capacity was microscopic compared to today’s storage media… they held a whopping 180 kilobytes. Then the double sided technology came out and capacity rose to 360 kilobytes. a year or two later that doubled first to 720kilobytes and then to 1440 kilobytes.

And now today I’m sitting here with a 320 Gigabyte hard drive that is almost always about 75% full, wishing I could get my hands on a 2 terabyte drive.

Kinda makes you wonder what mass storage capacity will be like in another 30 years doesn’t it?

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